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sustainable fat loss in 30 days




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sustainable fat loss in 30 days

“Luke has totally transformed the way I think about health, food & fat loss”Nicole



⭐ Sustainable Fat Loss & Lifestyle Change ⭐

Personal Trainer @ Buzz Gym, Reading Town Centre, Berkshire

Do you want to burn fat & tone up? Are you keen to live a healthier lifestyle? How about having more confidence, feeling stronger, feeling energised, or enjoying a happier headspace? Perhaps you’re short on time, struggling to juggle your fat-loss goals alongside a busy lifestyle. Perhaps you’re sick & tired of not being able to wear the clothes you want. Or perhaps you’re just fed up of not living your best life!

If this sounds like you, then I totally understand. “Out of balance” feels rubbish, but expert help will truly speed up the process of positive change. If you’re looking to get stronger, burn fat, reshape your body, improve your physical & mental health, build a bulletproof fat-loss mindset, and transform your lifestyle, then look no further – my fat-loss programme will put you firmly in the fast lane.

Hi, I’m Luke. I’m a specialist on sustainable fat loss & lifestyle change. I deliver results-driven trainingnutrition mindset strategies to help holistically-minded people get slimmer, stronger, healthier & happier. My passion & mission is to equip my clients with the knowledge, skills & habits to live the healthy lifestyle they’ve always wanted, whilst building a body shape they never thought possible.

Make no mistake, there’s no quick-fix for looking & feeling your best. Sustainable fat loss & behaviour change is a journey. Long-term commitment & consistency are fundamental. However, by taking control of the key components of fat loss in a bespoke strategy designed to fit around YOU – i.e. your character & your lifestyle – you will see the results you want.

On my fat-loss programme, I will lead you step-by-step from where you are now, to where you want to be. I will give you as much guidance, support, education & accountability as you need to succeed. I will create a framework, providing clarity on exactly what you need to do. I will ensure you always feel in control, and always set on an exciting trajectory towards a new & improved version of you.

If you’re ready to transform your body, your mind & your life, click get started to begin your fat-loss journey. For more information, check out my explainer video below, click the programme button above, or drop me an email. I’d love to hear from you. 

Stay awesome & keep going, Luke 💚

⭐ Fat-Loss Programme ⭐

Via bespoke mindset, nutrition & training strategies, I will empower you to burn unwanted body fat, build a new physique & upgrade your health – permanently! No fads, no short-term solutions, no gimmicks, nothing extreme – just structured, methodical & sustainable lifestyle change purpose built to satisfy YOUR needs.

Contrary to popular belief, looking & feeling your best does NOT mean aggressive dieting, endless cardio, demonising entire food groups, celebrity-endorsed fads, diet pills – nor any other form of quick fix for that matter! On the contrary, it’s MUCH simpler than that. Successful fat loss boils down to achieving consistency in five key areas …

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For Health & Fat Loss ⬅️

Ever heard the expression: “you can’t out-train a bad diet? Well, it’s true! You see, when it comes to creating that all-important fat-loss prerequisite – a calorie deficit – it’s infinitely more practical & time effective to take control of our calories IN – via our nutrition – than it is to ramp-up our calories OUT – via exercise. So much so, in fact, that if we’re serious about burning fat, we MUST develop the knowledge & skills to effectively manage our calorie intake.

As I’m sure you’re aware, fat-loss nutrition can be confusing – even overwhelming at times. But, rest assured! For undercutting the confusion are a handful of fat-loss fundamentals. Fundamentals that, if understood & put into practice, will equip you with the tools to take control of both your shape & health. It’s these fundamentals – a synergy between calories, protein, carbs, fats, knowledge & habit change – that I’m always excited to share with my clients …


➡️ For Strength & Shape

Provided we’re on track with our nutrition – that is, we’re sustaining a calorie deficit & consuming plenty of protein – as the weeks roll by, we’ll steadily burn away unwanted body fat & reveal a new body shape.

Creating this new shape is the primary purpose of our Training Strategy – which will be largely strength-training based and supplemented with cardio. Here’s why …

1️⃣ Strength training prevents muscle loss whilst in a calorie deficit
2️⃣ Strength training sculpts & reshapes our body

A well structured strength-training plan will make you progressively stronger. And it’s these precious strength gains that will drive progressive changes to your body shape.

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For Control Over Results ⬅️

Tracking your performance & progress is a fundamental component of my programme. It’s absolutely no coincidence that those who track their progress see the best results. You see, not only is evidence of progress highly motivating, but collecting data provides us with invaluable feedback on whether or not our plan is working.

What gets measured gets improved

If we are making progress, then great – full steam ahead. If we’re not, then we change course using data to ensure we make informed decisions. Naturally, the more data we track, the more clarity we have on our performance – and, ultimately, the more control we have over our progress

What former GymHippies say …

Luke Williams

Head Coach & Founder



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Build a Fat-Loss Mindset

New knowledge, skills & lifestyle

Enjoy a Bespoke Strategy

Purpose built to fit around your life

Thrive with 1-to-1 Coaching

from an experienced personal trainer

Burn Fat & Tone Your Body

Achieve the best shape of your life

Exclusively @ Buzz Gym

Reading Town Centre, Berkshire

Live Healthier & Happier

Improve physical & mental health


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GymHippie takes a holistic approach to fat loss & lifestyle change

Feel strong, empowered & energised
Tackle stress, anxiety & depression
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