⭐ Today’s Topic  8 Sleep Mistakes  

Is your sleep supporting your fat-loss goals? ?

Often overlooked as a factor that can impact fat loss, sufficient sleep plays a pivotal role ?

In fact, if not properly managed, sleep deprivation can be a HUGE hindrance to progress ?

How so? ?

Well, whilst it might not DIRECTLY hamper fat loss …

… it certainly has the power to fuel food cravings & and negatively impact our food choices ?

(we’ve all been there ???)

Moreover, if we’re awake for half the night, we’re likely to eat more! ?

Sufficient sleep allows us to recover, rejuvenate, remain clear headed – and ensures we’ve sufficient energy for training sessions ?

In a nutshell, as William Dement (a famous American sleep author) says:

“We’re not healthy unless our sleep is healthy”

Here are 8 common mistakes people make before bedtime ?

Stay awesome & keep going! ✌️


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