➡️ Fat Loss is Simple – but it’s NOT Easy

To demonstrate the role of Mindset, let’s look at the main objectives of our Nutritional Strategy

1️⃣ A CALORIE DEFICIT to burn body fat

2️⃣ LOTS OF PROTEINto preserve muscle whilst in a deficit

3️⃣ MOSTLY HEALTHY FOODSto promote quality of life

Simple enough – right?

Doing these things month-after-month will yield results – no doubts about it. So why doesn’t everyone do it?

You see, standing between everyone and sustainable fat-loss success are three Mindset Barriers ? Depicted in the illustration below as doors, we have:

➡️ The barrier of KNOWLEDGE

➡️ The barrier of HABITS

➡️ The barrier of LIFESTYLE

➡️ Knowledge 

Knowledge is power – empower yourself 

An unpopular truth is that most people are dazed & disempowered from decades of misinformation around how to burn fat. And it’s hardly surprising! After all, the fitness industry is young & poorly regulated. In its eagerness to sell us all manner of quick fixes & fads for our fat-loss problems, it’s intentionally keep us ignorant of the basic mechanisms that underpin sustainable fat-loss success.

As a result, there’s a now a huge illusion of complexity surrounding something that is, in fact, fairly straightforward. Above all, we need to empower ourselves with a solid understanding of how fat loss actually works. We need to develop a healthy & informed relationship with our food & with our training.

My fat-loss programme is an educational journey built around upon making sure this happens. I will arm you with the confidence & knowledge to attain & sustain the results that you want.

➡️ Habits 

Motivation gets us started, habit keeps us going

Acquiring new knowledge – on it’s own – isn’t enough. For sustainable fat-loss success, we also to apply what we’ve learned. How? By developing new fat-loss friendly habits.

Habit change is where we substitute our current behaviours for more goal-supportive alternatives. This means identifying, understanding, and, ultimately, taking control of our actions. How do we take control? ? Simple! We reflect, detect & make appropriate changes. As we progress, it’ll become clear to both of us which habits are serving your goals, and which habits aren’t. And, together, we’ll strategise about making changes. 

Habit change is a process and isn’t always easy – especially when emotions are involved & old habits are hard-wired. It requires self-honesty & self-awareness ?️ But, if our progress is to be sustainable, channeling our motivation into habit change is fundamental.

➡️ Lifestyle 

Sustainable results requires lifestyle change. Period. 

Your new habits will lay the foundations for a new goal-supportive lifestyle. And make no mistake, for sustainable fat-loss success, lifestyle change is a must. At this point in your journey, fat loss will become a way of life. And when it comes to results, this is a truly exciting place to be

Without a bulletproof Fat-Loss Mindset, I guarantee that any success will be short lived – regardless of how hard we train, or how sport-on our nutrition is at times. Why? Simple! Because we won’t be consistent. And let there be no confusion, consistency is key ?

Suffice to say, without the knowledge, habits  & lifestyle to sustain our progress, we’re much less likely to be consistent through the obstacles that will inevitably arise. We’re human after all – and life can be unpredictable.

Creating a bulletproof Fat-Loss Mindset is central to my programme 

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Luke Williams

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