⭐ Today’s Topic  NEAT Calories  

Physical activity can be broken down into TWO types:
1️⃣ NON-PLANNED ACTIVITY (NEAT) – spontaneous activity like taking the stairs or fidgeting ??‍♂️
2️⃣ PLANNED ACTIVITY (EAT) – like going to for a run or strength-training ??‍♀️
Calories burned via NEAT can make a MASSIVE difference to our daily calorie burn
And it’s OFTEN overlooked as a component of fat loss ?
By becoming aware of our NEAT – and making a conscious effort to boost it – we can up our calorie burn by HUNDREDS each day ?
This COULD make all the difference when it comes to our calorie deficit ⚖️
James Smith preaches “NEAT UP 24/7” ?
And I wholeheartedly agree!
A great start would be to track your daily steps. Aim to hit 7-10k each day ✅
Naturally, boosting our step count is a littler easier if we have a dog to walk ?

But we can ALL make changes. Take the stairs next time! ?

Stay awesome & keep going! ✌️


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