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Tracking your performance & progress is a fundamental component of my fat-loss programme. It’s absolutely no coincidence that those who track their progress see the best results. Not only can evidence of progress be fantastically motivating, but collecting data provides us with invaluable feedback on whether or not our plan is working.

What get’s measured gets improved 

If we are making progress, then great – full steam ahead. If we’re not, then we change course using data to ensure that our decisions are informed. Naturally, the more data we track, the more clarity we have on our performance – and, ultimately, the more control we have over our progress …

➡️ Performance Tracking

Make no mistake, fat loss cannot be rushed. Results takes time. That said, we can certainly speed up the process. To this end, your Progress Tracker has been designed to help you control the major components of fat loss. I’m talking about: daily steps, calorie intake, protein intake, calorie quality, meals out, training & cardio sessions, stress, sleep, water intake, energy, hunger, cravings & emotional eating.

Through considering & controlling these components, we’re able take control our performance – and, ultimately, take control over our progress.

To boost the accuracy of our tracking, our Tracker needs to be filled out regularly. Here’s an example …

➡️ Progress Tracking

To measure improvements in our body composition, progress tracking looks like this …

➡️ Daily weigh-ins indicate whether or not we’re in a calorie deficit

➡️ Periodic BodiTrax readings indicate progress via analytics

➡️ Periodic progress photos indicated progress via visual feedback 

What former GymHippies say …

I just wanted to say a big thank you Luke for a fantastic and fun start to my new fitness regime. After our initial one-to-one consultation of which was both informative and insightful you were able to identify how I could add to my existing training program to achieve my target of toning up. I have always been a cardio enthusiast and was in desperate need of some professional advice on how I could achieve this.…

Luke Williams

Head Coach & Founder


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Luke Williams

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