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I have been training with Luke for about 4 months now. Before Luke I never would have thought I’d enjoy any pt sessions, every session I have he motivates me from the get go. My friend and I train together in a group training plan, and even though there is 2 of us he still tends to us both as if there was 1. He adapts all exercises to our own ability whilst giving me the push I need! His professionalism and friendly nature makes all sessions enjoyable. He’s very understanding when it comes to not being able to make a session, especially with 2 of us and makes sure to fit us both in our own schedules. I honestly couldn’t recommend Luke enough!

Chloê Brown

Happy GymHippie

Luke is completely unlike any PT I’ve ever come across. His energy, knowledge & positivity are incredible, plus he’s always going above and beyond to support, educate & inspire me. From the word go Luke has taken the time to make this journey personal to me and my goals, and it really feels like we’re a team – he definitely cares about his clients progress! Since I’ve been working with Luke I’ve seen amazing changes in my body – I never thought I could have achieved these results in such a short space of time! He’s totally transformed the way I think about health, food & fitness and I’d definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a PT!

Nicole J

Happy GymHippie

Luke is such a wonderful trainer I couldn’t have done it without him, he is so motivational and he doesn’t care much about the money but more about the individuals. He made me so comfortable it felt like I knew him my whole life!! And he pushed me so hard I never knew I had such strength in me. I’m a 50 year woman and I’ve never felt better in my life. Luke changed my life forever!! God bless you Luke, you’re wonderful!!

Marie Kinteh

Happy GymHippie

What really sets Luke apart as a PT is his constant drive to truly understand his clients. He seeks to understand what motivates them, what triggers them and how he can best support them through a lifestyle change without compromising on quality of life. There is a holistic emphasis on education and mindset as well as physical fitness. In addition to this he is one of the nicest guys you’ll meet – a genuine pleasure to train with!

Louise Lundgren

Happy GymHippie

I had the pleasure of working with Luke for a few months with both online and in person programmes. His knowledge is fantastic and workouts were always great fun! I’d highly recommend Luke if you’re looking to improve your fitness & make improvements to your body.

Sarah Maslen-Leese

Happy GymHippie

Training with Luke was and still is good fun. I actually look forward to meeting him at 6am. Which is crazy as it is so bloody early! He is very motivating and easy to get on with. I am happy with the results, we have exceeded my weight goals. Now i’m in nice uncharted waters.

Jay Livingstone

Happy GymHippie

I just wanted to say a big thank you Luke for a fantastic and fun start to my new fitness regime. After our initial one-to-one consultation of which was both informative and insightful you were able to identify how I could add to my existing training program to achieve my target of toning up. I have always been a cardio enthusiast and was in desperate need of some professional advice on how I could achieve this. From our in-depth consultation/one-to-one you really have blown me away with your friendly, positive, inspirational, motivational & educational guidance and support. I have gained in confidence and have a new-found attitude towards training and I haven’t felt this excited about working-out in a long time. The program design you have given me has been so valuable in helping me work towards my goal. You clearly stand apart from other personal trainers I have had previously and really do cater for every type of personal goal people may have whether it is weight-loss, weight-gain, improving cardio strength, to weight-training and so on. Your enthusiasm, expertise and knowledge on nutrition and fitness really gives you an edge on other personal trainers and I just want to take this opportunity to say thank you for caring and helping me embark on a healthier lifestyle and helping me to achieve my fitness goals.

Monnie Kaur

Happy GymHippie

When I started coming to the gym, I didn’t have any direction, focus or structure in relation to what I was doing when training, and tended to just do the same exercises day in, day out, because they were comfortable. I wasn’t confident in myself or what I was doing. I knew staying as I was wouldn’t help me get thinner, leaner or stronger.  I approached Luke to see if he could help, after really enjoying his teaching during his spin classes – I was nervous as I didn’t really know what to expect or if I could even do it, but I knew I wanted to mix things up a bit. I started training with him, and actually really enjoyed myself – he is always very reassuring and kind, and has been extremely supportive from the beginning. He’s very knowledgeable and professional and answers all of my questions (even if I think they’re stupid!) and is also really approachable and friendly.  Of course I would recommend him to others (two of my colleagues have already started training with him after noticing the change in me!), he has helped transform so many things – Not just my training and fitness, but my mind set, how I eat, how I think about food, my balance, my weight and my confidence. I’m so grateful for all of his help and I’m looking forward to seeing where our journey takes me.

Melanie Wigley

Happy GymHippie

I’ve been training with Luke since before Christmas. I find his passion, knowledge and commitment to his gym hippies amazing. It’s really easy to talk to Luke and we always have a little catch up prior to the session, just to break down what’s going on, things that are working, things you’re struggling with, sometimes just a good rant. I find this really helpful because sometimes I get stuck in my ways or need a fresh perspective and quite honestly I’m so grateful for the barriers Luke has helped me overcome.

I’m loving the journey I’m on although sometimes a struggle but having Luke there helps me to push through when I think I can’t do anymore. I have become so much stronger than I was mentally and physically and I’m looking forward to continuing my journey.

He definitely provides an outstanding service, with his knowledge, additional online resources and of course the sessions themselves. I would recommend Luke to anyone who is thinking of starting their own journey and need a helping hand.

Jenny Boyd

Happy GymHippie

Luke is very knowledgeable, I achieved great results. Don’t think I would ever to a squat or dead lift without Luke’s voice in my head talking about walnuts and oranges!! I chose Luke because like myself he is very tall and would understand ‘tall guy issues’ and I would recommend to any one to use him. I also liked how Luke cared about motivations and drivers, and made me learn about what motivated me, so we established a plan moving forward how to keep motivated and keep training harder and harder!

Jed Kafetz

Happy GymHippie

Luke has been an incredible PT since the first day I met him for my consultation session. I was in that awkward phase of starting a new job, moving somewhere new and despite wanting to go to the gym – it increasingly became less of a priority. Luke is so dedicated to really getting to know you, to creating a plan that not only focuses on certain goals you might have but also one that is fun and sustainable! Originally, I thought having a PT meant that you would also need to make drastic lifestyle changes but I couldn’t have been more wrong. It merely teaches you to be more mindful and motivates you to push past certain boundaries you may set yourself when training alone or not at all. Luke will always go the extra mile to make you feel comfortable and will adapt to all and any of your needs. His sessions have become like a true little ‘safe haven’ – you leave them feeling physically and emotionally empowered with a potential small belly-ache from the laughs! 🙂

Anna Kleber

Happy GymHippie

Luke has given me a much more holistic view on my approach to training than previous PT’s I’ve worked with. Educating me on how to focus on long term goals, rather than short term quick wins that don’t last. Sessions are designed in a way that ensure consistent progression & variation. What’s more Luke focuses on empowering you with the right tools for your fitness journey beyond 121 sessions – taking the time to provide you with meal plans, recipe inspiration & personalised fitness plans meaning you really are set up for success.

Charlie Crideford

Happy GymHippie

I have been training with Luke for 3 months and I have been very impressed! He has helped me change my relationship with food and I have seen the change in my body. His training style is informative, enjoyable and impactful. I feel stronger and I feel more educated to use the gym on my own! Still a way to go but I know with Luke I can get there. Highly recommend. Thanks Luke!

Abi Newson

Happy GymHippie

Luke is a brilliant personal trainer. Straight from the get go, I felt like he understood needs and we were able to design a fantastic fat-loss strategy that fitted around my busy lifestyle. I saw great results with Luke and I would recommend him to ANYONE who wants to lead a healthier lifestyle & lose weight ??

Tom Hollings

Happy GymHippie

Honestly, I started out with Luke because he had an offer on around Christmas 2018 and 10 months later I am still with him! What does that say about him? That is bloody good and what he does – he’s insightful and motivating. He has tailored the work outs to suit my aims and he also provided me with food plans to ensure that I met my needs in the kitchen. Oh, and he did the nutritional breakdown for me! Best of all, he helps me to keep my form perfect and if I ever want to continue on my own he has given me the tools to do so.

Tom Horton

Happy GymHippie

Luke is truly a fantastic coach and mentor. He has changed my entire relationship with food through education and made fitness and exercise fun, again through knowledge and science. I cannot recommend GymHippie enough for anyone who wants to gain a deep understanding of their mind and body!

Matt Ellis

Happy GymHippie

I started to regularly attend a spin class taken by Luke and I was impressed with his teaching methodology and how he engaged with all the participants. He has an easy rapport with people and it meant I felt at ease to ask him questions and when I approached him about a food plan, he suggested I might want to take a look at the reshaping adventures he offers. I’d never considered having a PT before and when I decided to sign up, Luke gave me all the tools I need to make a success of my adventure including detailed training plans, food plans and a thorough explanation behind each aspect together with any support I need as and when. He seems to be able to intuitively gauge my comfort levels on all aspects of my training. I’ve really enjoyed my 1-2-1 training sessions and found myself in areas of the gym that I would never have ventured into before. I’ve lost 22lbs so far and can see a positive change in myself. I’d highly recommend Luke as a trainer, he constantly mixes up my sessions and strives to make things easier for me to understand as an inexperienced gym goer. His knowledge and support has been invaluable to me on my fitness journey.

Roxie T

Happy GymHippie

Luke is a fantastic personal trainer. As someone who felt anxious at the thought of entering a gym 3 months ago, I now feel very confident when training – thanks to Luke. He is a true professional, and his sessions are very well planned and tailored to suit each individual. He offers excellent advice on nutrition and I am seeing great results from following his food plan and mindful eating tips. I highly recommend Luke and Gymhippie

Ashling O'Neil

Happy GymHippie

When I saw Luke had a Christmas promotion on I had to take it! I had met him in the gym and was able to see how friendly and knowledgeable he is, exactly what I wanted from a personal trainer. He pushes you to learn and achieve in a supportive way, and I am now feeling much surer of my techniques and goals after even a very short time with him! I definitely recommend him to anyone wanting to get more out of their workouts and feel good about it!

Francesca Romano

Happy GymHippie

I’ve learned a bit about health and fitness so I’ve been working out on my own for a while but then I started to get bored and frustrated as I wasn’t getting anywhere close to my goals (weight gain). By this time my mum (49 yrs) had been training with Luke and has been doing so well that we could all see the results( weight lose) and she constantly talks about how motivating, fun and knowledgeable Luke was, so I said to myself maybe I should give it a go. Now bare in mind that I was on a weight gain journey different to that of my mum’s but I thought it would be a good thing to get motivated again and hopefully gain some muscle mass in the process. And OMG, for the first time in my life I was able to put on weight. My lower body which we have been working looks iiiiiincredible! And even my upper body looks fab. Luke pushes me to eat more and I’ve already been eating a lot trust me and am always smashing my workouts even on days that am not feeling like myself. Luke will motivate you, cheer you on (like a cheerleader!) and make you believe in yourself like you never have before and there is always a fist waiting after every set. Whatever your fitness goals trust me to look no further as Luke is the best out there. He will be there every step of the way. He will make you feel so comfortable you will feel like a star in your own show and everyone else in the gym extras in the show!

Fatou Ceesay

Happy GymHippie

The ideal personal trainer! Brings complete professionalism to every session, hugely informative about everything from nutrition to muscle groups, always makes you feel relaxed and comfortable in what can be a potentially nerve wracking environment and provides detailed meal plans and training programmes to ensure you can maintain progress by yourself. Honestly could not have got to the position I am today without him and literally would recommend to anyone, regardless of skill level, age, shape, etc.

Brian Bowler

Happy GymHippie

Luke provides a holistic and beautifully well rounded service, that can help anyone from beginners to regular gym users. He listens to your ideas, concerns and goals and provides you with a sustainable way to reach them. My weight loss journey with Luke has been educational, empowering and most importantly, fun! I would recommend the GymHippie to all!

Rayan Mohamed-Ahmed

Happy GymHippie

I started training with Luke about 4 months ago and can whole heartedly say it was one of the best decisions I made. I saw the way he interacted with his clients in the gym and this was my reason for reaching out to Luke. His patience, knowledge, motivation and positive energy have made/continue to make my entire experience so great! I can’t recommend Luke enough.

Kayla Stratford

Happy GymHippie

It’s been a while since I’ve choose Luke to be my PT I don’t regret for a second! Always had in my mind a very specific goal to achieve but because of the little time that I have due to the long shifts at work, I haven’t had the time and the courage to dedicate myself enough. Luke is being since then a very important person in my life. So educational, professional, and approachable and friendly at the same time as I always knew he was, and that’s why I chose him. My life has been changed. Always been there to support me and give me the boost I need when I’m struggling with tiredness due to my work as well as being flexible with time for me. Despite of loving seeing me suffering (in a good way obviously) he wants the best for me, really focus on how I’m feeling and wants always nothing but the best results to keep me on track, and always happy to make changes if something is not making me suffering enough hahaha. Obviously I don’t need to say that I’m having the results I always wanted and feeling so great and confident with my body. Let me add that he’s being such a lovely English teacher to me as well, helping me everyday and having the patience. Really knows how to climb barriers. Thanks for leading such a positive lifestyle and for your amazing support. So hard to write a little testimonial about you. Cannot recommend you enough! 

Ana Pereira

Happy GymHippie

Luke! What can I say? No words to describe how is so professional and has his own way in everything! He is very honest and wise person I respect his opinion and experience, defiantly he will change your way to think about your body image he is a great teacher from my experience with him. I am so pleased to have this journey to change many things in my life with him he learned me a lot.

Areej Aljahani

Happy GymHippie

I have been going to Luke at GymHippie since October 2017 for personal training sessions! I didn’t join to reach any particular fitness goals but more to invite positive change into my life after going through a difficult time. I wanted to not only feel more positive but to also feel more body confident and to feel more energised. I had always had issues with waking up in the mornings and found that my energy levels were low. I didn’t need to lose weight but I did want to tone up. I also wanted to structure a healthier eating pattern which was more nutritional. Since starting training with Gym Hippie over 6 months ago, not only have I become more toned but I have also grown in confidence and become more disciplined. Previously to training with GymHippie, I had never set foot in a gym before. This for me was something that was quite daunting, however GymHippie made me feel at ease and got me to grips with the machines and the weights very quickly, tailoring a workout for me which has helped me to reach my goals and improve my skillset, whilst challenging me physically as the weeks go by. I really like Luke’s approach to training and nutrition and his positive ethos for self improvement. This is something that has really inspired me and has helped me to create positive change in many aspects of my life. I have had work commitments come up on a few occasions but Luke was able to reschedule sessions which has been great as I really enjoy my GymHippie sessions and would be sad to miss a week! I would highly recommend training with GymHippie if you want to invite positivity into your life and your training programme! I cannot thank Luke enough!

Emily Charlotte Natividad

Happy GymHippie

Luke is an amazing personal trainer who is very understanding and helpful. I always look forward to our sessions and have become more confident in the gym since training with him. I have improved physically as well as mentally and have developed a healthier relationship with food (and myself). I can’t recommend Luke enough to anyone considering a personal trainer, especially anyone struggling with anxiety or body image issues!

Rhi Wynn

Happy GymHippie

After my old personal trainer moved away, I was looking for someone else – really enjoying Luke’s classes at Buzz Gym I asked him if he’d be free to train me. The initial assessment process with Luke was far more professional than any other PT I’ve had experience with; he really took the time to understand every aspect of me from what my goals and aspirations are through to my personality and what can affect my mood! Luke has really helped me so far during the 4-5 months I’ve now been training with him; I’ve lost weight, toned up and feel good! I like working with Luke as he makes each session different and enjoyable, and keeps me motivated through the painful sets! I’d definitely recommend Luke to others, he’s a rare find and in my opinion the perfect PT package!

Abi Leech

Happy GymHippie

I’ve started working out with Luke at the beginning of the year. He got recommended to me by my previous PT. I absolutely love working out with Luke. He’s very supportive and pushes me quite often to my absolute limits. I’ve been on a weight loss journey for the past 2 years and I’ve gotten my best results with Luke over the last 9months. He’s showed me that going to the gym doesn’t mean endless cardio, he’s helped me discover my love for weight lifting, something I never thought I’d say. I see Luke once a week but he’s gives new programmes all the time and makes sure I know what I need to do when I do my own gym work out. He’s very open minded and happy to change work outs around and make them fun. I would highly recommend Luke to anyone who wants to shape up and live a healthy lifestyle. A very special thing about Luke is that he understand a healthy lifestyle starts with a healthy mind and he combines healthy eating, positive mind sets and exercise to achieve the best results. He supports me through my journey to a healthy lifestyle and for that I’ll forever be grateful!

Kathrin Fricke

Happy GymHippie

Training with Luke has really built my confidence at the gym. Previously I would only go to classes like spin, HIIT or Pump because I didn’t have the knowledge or experience to dabble in the free weights section. Since training with Luke I have built a good level of confidence, technique and enjoyment in the free weights section. I really look forward to training and now I even do solo sessions to keep the momentum! Luke is always supportive and understanding, when I worked away for a few weeks he designed me a body weight program and lent me some equipment to train with in my hotel room. This really reassured me and reinforced that the journey is a sustainable one.

Initially I had planned on working with Luke for the 12 week reshape but as I am gaining so much from the sessions (knowledge, technique and confidence) I am pleased to continue for as long as I need guidance. Thanks Luke! 🙂

Nicola Luscombe

Happy GymHippie

I have been training with Luke for nearly 6 months now and I would highly recommend him. Previously I have been going to the gym with no real direction, sometimes not knowing where to start or what to work on but Luke has helped me understand what I need to be doing to achieve my goals. When you start your journey with Luke he will give you all the information you need as to what kind of training would be best in order to achieve your goals. You get a training programme as well as a guide to nutrition and if this is your thing even a whole meal plan to follow. The training sessions are always fun and Luke is so professional with such a broad knowledge of exercises for people at different stages of their training as well as just a nice training partner to hang out with for an hour which makes the whole session very comfortable. He is always mindful asking about your current situation at work and tries to adapt the training programme to fit your day and mood. Even though I had personal up’s and down’s, Luke was there offering advice and positivity which eventually will change your outlook on training, nutrition and lead you towards a more mindful version of yourself. I can honestly say that I am so thankful to have found such a great personal trainer in Luke and I am looking forward to continue my journey.

Nadine Wroblewski

Happy GymHippie

I have seen great physical changes to my physique and that is without starving myself, feeling depressed and doing a crazy amount of cardio. He has tons of resources, infinite amount of knowledge and is an all round great coach who will help you reach your goals. His training program is very structured, he teaches you properly how to get the most out of each rep and helps you engage mind muscle connection, which by myself I would have never understood or been able to achieve. He teaches you the proper way to lift to avoid injury and to strengthen you.

Most importantly, Luke treats each client as an individual, really trying to understand the person outside just the goal of ‘losing fat’. My plan, advice and focus of our conversations were based on me as person, so we could make a plan that would work around my daily life, plan and daily struggles.

Luke has been more than just a PT. He has been a coach. Fat loss has never been easy for me. I have struggled with it my whole life. Luke has been the person in my life who has educated me so much about habits, lifestyle and sustainable change. He has been incredibly supportive mentally and through physical training at the gym.

Since Luke, I have stopped yo-yo dieting, FAD diets such as Cambridge which I’ve tried in the past and focused on a good training program and diet all given to me by Luke. He is great at problem solving, when I did have an event as a goal we would tweak the plan to have greater fat losses ( which was still a plan that was sustainable).

Harns Khatter

Happy GymHippie

I can’t recommend GymHippie enough – just go for it, you won’t regret it! I was very impressed with his client’s progress, so I decided to enrol in this adventure. He has in mind your goal and is very supportive in helping you reach it. Before this, I felt like I was plateauing in my workouts and he helped me overcome it. This was very important to me, with him I managed to stay more focused. The sessions are very hardcore, but I always felt amazing after them! I’m very happy with the end results

Andrea Albuquerque

Happy GymHippie

I feel as though I should preface this by saying that I find the gym an entirely necessary evil. I, like I’m sure many others, don’t particularly enjoy it and I sometimes find it hard to motivate myself to go. However training with GymHippie has helped me to enjoy the gym again. I’m quite active but I tended to stick to classes and having Luke as my personal trainer has really helped in boosting my confidence in the gym. He frequently changes up my routine to make it more interesting and makes me work really hard without acting like a drill sergeant. If I’m strugglig with a particular exercise he will adapt it without question. He’s easy to talk to and puts you at ease while you’re training so often I leave the gym not realising how hard I’ve worked. I would recommend GymHippie to anyone thinking of getting a personal trainer whether you’re confident or a complete novice. Don’t be put off by the fact that Luke looks like a giant bear, he’s a complete softy and extremely supportive.

Nicole Claire Hawkins

Happy GymHippie

I have been training with Luke for about 6 weeks now. I came across Luke’s training approach in a spin class he led at Buzz gym and I really enjoyed his style of teaching and motivation. I had been wanting a personal trainer for a while mainly because I never pushed myself enough on my own and I wanted exercises/nutrition advice specific to my body type. Luke is very approachable and knowledgeable and was happy to take me on 2 times a week even with my ever changing work schedule. In just 6 weeks I am feeling so much stronger and fitter. No session is ever the same and Luke always pushes me to my fitness limits. He is very motivating and always has alternatives for injuries or fatigue. Luke is also very genuine, friendly, easy to talk to and keeps the sessions fun (as much fun as it can be lol). Another great benefit is the significant amount of work he has done to provide guidance and information for both physical and mental well-being. I highly recommend Luke and his program to anyone looking for guidance or that extra push!!

Elise Jenkins

Happy GymHippie

Started training with Luke back in September and he’s been great the whole way through. The sign up questionnaire and initial meeting are pretty thorough, but we still mention the things we discussed back then. Understanding the person and what motivates them is fundamental to the way Luke works, which is great, and you really feel invested in, and like your overall well-being is what comes first.

Luke is a great person to have around during training sessions, and is clearly very knowledgeable and well respected in the gym. This definitely helps make you feel comfortable, even during the initial stages where he might have you in some unusual positions with a resistance band!

I’m really pleased with the progress we’re making, and it wasn’t long after we started training that colleagues, friends and family started to really notice a change. The principles that we stick to are so simple to follow, and really once we set up a calorie budget and a training plan it’s just become part of my normal routine.

Signed up initially for 12 weeks, but no intention of stopping training with Luke any time soon, excited to see what we can achieve in the future!

If you’re considering training with Luke, just go for it, couldn’t have asked for anything more ?

James Evans

Happy GymHippie

Originally signed up with Luke on a 12 week package, but have enjoyed our sessions so much that I’m already 7 months in. I was really impressed with his sign up process and the investment he has made to create a process that fully focused on the outcomes I wanted to achieve. We regularly revisit these and align our sessions as appropriate. No two weeks are ever the same. His exercises are varied and I am really pleased with my progress!

Silver Governo

Happy GymHippie

Luke’s holistic approach to wellbeing is incredibly inspiring and he really gets you motivated for change. I had been going to the gym for many years before I started training with Luke and having plateaued in my workouts, he regenerated my training. The workouts are really fun and effective, and are tailored for my specific needs. I would highly recommend Luke as a PT.

Sarah Souter

Happy GymHippie

As a personal trainer, Luke is patient and professional. He listens to my needs and offers tailored training plan. I could see results straight after having several sessions with him. I will definitely continue my training with him

Maggie Liu

Happy GymHippie

Luke is a true professional, an expert in his field and his approach to personal training is completely and utterly person-centred. As personal trainers go, he has a remarkable and valuable skill set. His passion and commitment is clear from the moment you meet him; he has a positive and encouraging attitude that would put even the most apprehensive of gym-goers at ease and a genuine interest in the individual and their health and fitness goals. I’m now five weeks in and I am positive that I achieve far more payoff in my sessions with Luke than with my usual regime of self-directed cardio and gym classes. He has introduced me to a new way of training that is challenging and full of variety, with the odd narrative or bit of humour thrown in to get me through the particularly tough sets. I am far more comfortable with lifting weights and my balance and posture have both improved considerably! I would give Luke and the entire GymHippie experience my very highest recommendation!

Keri Mc Donagh

Happy GymHippie

Most rewarding training sessions I have ever been involved with. I have nothing left in the tank after each session, they are hard work but I can feel (and see) the results in all aspects of my body. No hesitation recommending GymHippie to anyone.

Mark Metcalfe

Happy GymHippie


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