⭐ Today’s Topic  Training for Fat Loss  

Be WEARY of workouts that claim to burn fat. They are misleading ?

How so? ?

Because, if we want to burn fat, nutrition is BY FAR our most powerful weapon ?

Ever heard the expression: “you can’t out-train a bad diet”? – well, it’s true! ?

You see, when it comes to creating that all-important fat-loss prerequisite – a calorie deficit – it’s INFINITELY more practical & time-effective to take control of our CALORIES IN – via nutrition – than to ramp-up our CALORIES OUT – via exercise ?‍♀️

Whilst exercise IS a valuable calorie burner, an unpopular truth is that it often burns FEWER calories than we think. And, hence …

➡️ We often OVERESTIMATE how many calories we burn ?

At the same time, food & drink often contains MORE calories that we think ? Which means that …

➡️ We often UNDERESTIMATE how many calories we consume ?

Since it’s MUCH easier to eat 500 calories than burn it off ? here’s the headline …

If our goal is to burn fat, then taking control of our nutrition MUST be our top priority ??

Make no mistake, fat loss STARTS with nutrition ?

So, what about training? ?

The primary focus of my Training Strategies is to get you STRONGER ?

➡️ Strength gains will preserve muscle whilst you’re in a calorie deficit

➡️ Strength gains will reshape & help “tone” your body

In conclusion …

✅ We EAT for fat loss ? Which occurs in the kitchen

✅ We TRAIN for strength & shape ??‍♀️ which occurs in the gym

Stay awesome & keep going! ✌️


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